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Protein Shake Trial & Measurement Time

15 Nov

I started taking Define Women’s High Protein Powder by Vitalstrength approximately 4 weeks ago now and I have to say I’m really reaping the benefits! I was sceptical at first but the results speak for themselves.

I’m recovering quicker from training sessions and I have decreased muscle soreness (which was becoming a big problem for me!). Teaming the shakes with my already jam packed training schedule and my protein-rich diet seems to be just the thing I was looking for!

I can really notice my body changing and even my husband has been commenting on how my muscles seem to look leaner and more defined. And I can feel abs people! ABS! They are coming back with a vengeance. I can’t seem them just yet but they are coming. Oh, believe me, they ARE coming.

Also, once Chanel is finished her bottle of Hydroxy Liquid Lean I’ll ask her to provide a full report.

With that said, here are my latest measurements results! They aren’t as great as I would have hoped but I did have a week off from training this month and was a little more ‘free’ shall we say with my food intake… And let’s face it – you can’t have killer results EVERY month so that just means next month I’m going to smash it, yeah?

I was really pleased about my knee results though! They are my most loathed part… Damn you knees! I WILL demolish you! But my poor lady lumps… well I guess you can’t have it all! Or can I? Maybe a quick trip to Thailand is in order to get this situation sorted if you know what I’m sayin’!

I’d also like to inform you that it has been 4 days since I last weighed myself (“Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m a scales addict”) and my feet are itching to jump on the scales. This just further confirms that my morning weighing habit was becoming far too obsessive.

Some people commented on my last post that weighing themselves daily is something that keeps them on track and I think that is great! It’s really all about what works for you however for me I knew that my emotions were being affected by the number displayed and I was getting increasingly frantic with bringing that number down. I don’t need that stress in my life and plus I will be doing myself such a service by seeing my results week to week rather than day to day. Besides, the only numbers that should really matter to me are my measurement results and I just have to keep reminding myself of that!

How do you track your weight loss success? Do you track your measurements and weigh and if so, how often?

I’ve Got a Confession to Make…

11 Nov

Remember very early on in my blog when I asked my hubby to hide my scales?  Well, I uh, umm, oh this is so hard and embarrassing to admit… Okay I’ll just spit it out.  I’ve been weighing myself daily again.  DAILY!  How ridiculous!  This goes against EVERYTHING I stand for but I am so obsessed with my end goal (which is SO close) that I can’t seem to think rationally.  I’ve become a monster!  Don’t look at me!  Don’t look at meeeee!

Every morning before I get in the shower I weigh myself, then I look at the number and if it is any bigger I fret.  If it has gotten smaller I rejoice.  But it’s just so ridiculous because I KNOW that day to day how much your weight can fluctuate, I KNOW that muscle takes up less room than fat meaning I can actually be physically smaller and still weigh the same, I KNOW the detrimental mental effects that weighing yourself everyday can cause, I KNOW I am not a number but I just.  Can’t.  Seem.  To.  Stop.

Enough is enough I say!  I will no longer fall victim to a machine!  I’m hiding the scales again and am committing to weekly weigh ins.  I am focusing on reducing in SIZE not in WEIGHT. That is the key! (I’m feeling quite smug with that little phrase!).

Speaking of reducing in size, tomorrow I will have my monthly measurements taken.  I’m worried that my week off from exercise will have a negative effect but I’m not going to focus on that.  I just need to focus on moving forward.  So I will post the results of that plus I will fill you all in on how my protein trial is going!

Are you a scale-a-holic?  Do you focus on your weight more than your size?

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