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Protein Shake Trial & Measurement Time

15 Nov

I started taking Define Women’s High Protein Powder by Vitalstrength approximately 4 weeks ago now and I have to say I’m really reaping the benefits! I was sceptical at first but the results speak for themselves.

I’m recovering quicker from training sessions and I have decreased muscle soreness (which was becoming a big problem for me!). Teaming the shakes with my already jam packed training schedule and my protein-rich diet seems to be just the thing I was looking for!

I can really notice my body changing and even my husband has been commenting on how my muscles seem to look leaner and more defined. And I can feel abs people! ABS! They are coming back with a vengeance. I can’t seem them just yet but they are coming. Oh, believe me, they ARE coming.

Also, once Chanel is finished her bottle of Hydroxy Liquid Lean I’ll ask her to provide a full report.

With that said, here are my latest measurements results! They aren’t as great as I would have hoped but I did have a week off from training this month and was a little more ‘free’ shall we say with my food intake… And let’s face it – you can’t have killer results EVERY month so that just means next month I’m going to smash it, yeah?

I was really pleased about my knee results though! They are my most loathed part… Damn you knees! I WILL demolish you! But my poor lady lumps… well I guess you can’t have it all! Or can I? Maybe a quick trip to Thailand is in order to get this situation sorted if you know what I’m sayin’!

I’d also like to inform you that it has been 4 days since I last weighed myself (“Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m a scales addict”) and my feet are itching to jump on the scales. This just further confirms that my morning weighing habit was becoming far too obsessive.

Some people commented on my last post that weighing themselves daily is something that keeps them on track and I think that is great! It’s really all about what works for you however for me I knew that my emotions were being affected by the number displayed and I was getting increasingly frantic with bringing that number down. I don’t need that stress in my life and plus I will be doing myself such a service by seeing my results week to week rather than day to day. Besides, the only numbers that should really matter to me are my measurement results and I just have to keep reminding myself of that!

How do you track your weight loss success? Do you track your measurements and weigh and if so, how often?

Great Results!

6 Aug

Had my measurements taken this morning and was really shocked (and pleasantly surprised) at the results!

I lost:

1.5cm from the chest;

.5cm from the hips;

1cm from the mid thigh; AND

a whopping 3cm from around the navel!

3cm! Dairy FTW!  I seriously think consuming more dairy has made such a difference as my loss has been a bit slow lately.  So go out now and stock up your fridge with lots of skim milk, low-fat cheese and low-fat yoghurt! Right now!  Quick, summer is coming!  Quiiiiiccccckkk!

I don’t USUALLY like to reveal my exact figures and numbers but thought I would share them with you today as I’m feeling proud as a peacock right now.  They’re VERY proud, you know.  You would be too if you had those mega awesome coloured feathers hanging off your butt!

6-Aug 9-Jul 4-Jun 23-Apr 26-Mar 19-Feb Loss
Kg 77.5 78.3 78.7 80.1 82 83.5 6
Shoulder 100.5 100.5 100.5 101.5 103 104.5 -4
Chest 95 96.5 96.5 95 98.5 100 -5
Waist 77 77 78.5 80 80 81.5 -4.5
Navel 86.5 89.5 88 91 94 96 -9.5
Arm 32.5 32.5 33 33.5 34.5 34.5 -2
Hip 107 107.5 107.5 108 109 110 -3
Thigh upper 65.5 65.5 65.5 66.5 68 68 -2.5
Thigh mid 56.5 57.5 59.5 59 61.5 59 -2.5

*Measurements in centimeters

I’m losing on average 1kg a month and I’m happy with that.  That’s a good sustainable loss for the long-term.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Here’s some happy beats to get you ready for 2 days of non-working bliss!


29 Jul

I hate that word.  Yes, I am over the weight I’m carrying, thank you very much.  Thank you for putting a label on me!  I suppose it’s better than obese, a category I was classified as being under not so long ago.  But seriously, overweight?  I detest the word especially after how hard I’ve worked.

Yesterday we had health check ups at work.  I had my waist measured by the nurse and it was apparently 81cm.  81cm??  What tape measure are you using lady, as a couple of weeks ago at my last PT check-in I was 77cm!  And I haven’t put on any weight!  Granted, I’m a little bloated at the moment though, grrr… But in any case, I chose to ignore her.  She joted the evil number on my form and ticked the ‘overweight’ box.  Then she quipped, “The healthy range is a waist measurement of less than 80cm, so you’re almost there!”.  Mmm, thanks for that nursey.  I just smiled, took my form and hid the offensive number in a folder on my desk.

When I look at the healthy weight range for women of my height it says 57kg – 71kg.  So, if I’m really 77cm around the waist (shut it nursey, I am!) and weigh 78kg then what does that mean?  I’m kinda, sorta, semi-overweight?

Basically, I don’t think we can be defined by numbers or measurements.  I refuse to be defined by a number.  I know that I’m strong and fit and working my way towards an ideal weight range for ME, one that I have decided on, not one that has been decided for me.  And that’s all I need to know.   Rant over.

Complacency bites… hard

11 Jul

(I google image searched “bruised ego” and this monkey came up… it has nothing to do with anything… but look! It’s a monkey with a gun! Hilarious).

The complacent attitude I blogged about not too long ago came back to bite me. Hard. As it inevitably does. It bit me in the form of ho hum measurement results for the month.

I was pretty pleased with having a 2cm loss from the waist and a 1.5cm loss from the thigh but I was less than pleased about the1.5cm gain on my belly (bloated like a sonofabitch) and the no loss at all from everywhere else. Sigh. But I have to face facts – I was not at my best this month and I could have gone harder. I do recognise however that I can’t be programmed to be at my best ALL the time. Everyone has “off” periods. I’m only human (shudder… it hurts to admit that because I often see myself as a turbo-charged robot, highly skilled in the art of being awesome).

In my complacency post I committed to a few goals and I’ve got to be honest – I hardly succeeded with achieving any of them. Yup. That’s right. I’m admitting failure. And god my ego is bruised. Bruised I tell you! I’m not going to make bullshit excuses, I’m simply going to say that what’s done is done. I’ve learnt my lesson and now I’ll move on.

SO. THIS is going to be the week that I restart my awesomeness. I feel I need to be more specific about my goals this week, so here goes:

1. Training – I am committing to hip hop on Monday night, gym circuit on Tuesday, PT on Wednesday, boxing and indoor soccer on Thursday and PT on Friday. I will complete each and every one of these sessions with a go hard or go home attitude (I know my trainer will be reading this and will reinforce this… sweet jesus I feel my ass hurting already).

2. Food – I am committing to eating fresh, wholesome, portion controlled food and no more dessert! This fortnight will be a lot easier in the dessert stakes as hubby will be on his night shift therefore is not home to ask, “Ice-cream my dear?”. Not that I blame him… Remember, it’s no excuses here! … God how I love ice-cream. No. Wait. Who said that??

3. Attitude – I am committing to high energy and high positivity! This does not mean I’m going to start bouncing off the walls gibbering positivity statements (Richard Simmons, I am not), it just means I am getting rid of all negative baggage and feelings. And no more stress. Stress promotes cortisol production which equals fat around the middle. Goodbye 1.5cm!

Right. Thank god that’s over and done with. How cathartic. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders already… Now if only that weight would come off my ass…

Sweat, tears and gagging

17 Mar

That just about sums up today’s training session!  I don’t even particularly recall what went on… it all went by in a sweaty blur.  I do know that it involved running (and LOTS of it), squats, shoulders, dips, skipping, lunges and planks.  Oh and then MORE running.  I was teary, sweaty, beetroot red and dry retched continually.

But you know what?  Sit down because this is going to be a huge shock.  I… okay I can’t believe I’m going to say this, just let me get my composure…  I… actually feel really great right now.  Wow.  That was a huge thing to get off my chest.  Usually after a big session I feel woozy, light headed and nauseous for a while after it!  Woo hoo!  This must mean I’m fitter.  Yes?  That’s how I’m going to take it.  :-p

I’ve been plodding along quite nicely over the last couple of days.  Monday consisted of a strength session in the gym and then a 80 minute brisk walk after work.  Tuesday was a half cardio / half strength session in the gym and then a 65 minute brisk walk after work.  Tomorrow is boxing and then soccer and Friday is PT again!  My motivation is well and truly back on track.

My trainer took my measurements last Friday so I am super excited to see the results from that in a week or so.  Oh and she made me a scrumdiddleeumcious  chicken salad for lunch, god bless her cotton socks!  See here: http://nataliecartertalksfitness.blogspot.com/2010/03/faux-caesar-salad.html

So in conclusion – I’m feeling good, feeling great – feeling great, feeling good, how are you?

Motivation shmotivation

11 Mar

Got home from work yesterday feeling a bit down and was stressed that all the effort I have been putting in really didn’t seem to be getting any results.  Had a bit of a whinge on the ‘ol Facey and was surprised to see so many of my friends all piping up and letting me know the support I have from them!  What a boost!  Who knew social networking sites could provide so much love?  😉  It actually really lifted my spirits and I slept well last night thinking “I can and I WILL do this”.

As one of my good friends pointed out – it takes a long time to completely change your body.  It took me a long time to get like this, I didn’t get fat overnight, so it will take some time to reverse that damage.

Plus, this morning I hopped on my evil friend the scales and it told me I was 400g down from yesterday.  I’ll take that!  I’ll take anything at the moment!  So I have hidden them away now, will train hard and continue to eat well for the rest of the week and hopefully see an even better result in a weeks time! Also, getting my measurements properly taken on Friday so this is a much better metric to go by than the dirty old scales.

So motivation is back baby!  I’m getting all geared up for boxing in 2 hours and soccer tonight.  I am seriously going to woop ass today.  My own ass.  Yeah that’s right ass – you are going dowwwwn.

In commemoration of my ass, I present you with (I loves me some Pharrell!):