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Blackmores Product Trial

12 Dec

As per my last post, I mentioned that Blackmores had kindly sent me some products to trial.   I’m not even going to exaggerate here, but a couple of these products literally have changed my life and I now SWEAR by them.

It all started with a phone call to the wonderful Kate Ferguson, an advisory naturopath for Blackmores.   I’d never consulted with a naturopath before and I knew from my Health Assessment that I had some issues that I needed to resolve, so I was very much looking forward to hearing what she had to say!

I outlined to Kate my current diet and exercise regime and then we spoke about some of the issues I was experiencing around digestion, recovery and sleep.

We addressed digestion first.   So, for a while I had been experiencing severe bloatedness and adverse reactions to certain foods (oats being the main culprit).  My high protein diet was starting to wreak havoc with my insides and I was feeling uncomfortable for much of the day.  Look, I won’t go into too much gory detail here, but I think you’re catching my drift.  Please tell me you are because I am not going THERE.   Okay?  Good.  Moving along then (awwwwkwaaaarddd).

Kate assessed my symptoms and diet thought I would really benefit from using a digestive enzyme supplement. Blackmores Origins Digestive Enzymesis a broad spectrum enzyme to help improve digestion and relieve symptoms of bloating and heart burn.

The following article provides some additional information on how digestive enzymes work:  http://www.blackmores.com.au/learning-centre/article/digestive-enzyme-your-way-to-good-health

This product has changed my life.  I can now eat oats without discomfort and I have not experienced any of the symptoms I had prior to using this product!   She also recommended that I keep drinking my T2 Detox tea and peppermint tea as it’s great for digestion, bloating and cramping.

Next we addressed fatigue.  Important nutrients to help support energy levels are magnesium (helps with muscular aches, pains and cramping) and the B group vitamins.  I was using Blackmore’s Bio Magnesium in tablet form but I must admit I had been a bit slack in remembering to take it everyday.  Kate recommended I try Blackmores Magnesium Powder which contains magnesium and B vitamins and that I should take it in conjunction with my multi vitamin.

I am now loving my magnesium powder.  I have noticed a considerable improvement in energy levels since taking it and recovery has been better too (come on!  More energy!).

Lastly, we spoke about sleep.   I’d been finding it hard to drift off to sleep and when I’d finally GET to sleep, I would find myself waking up in intervals throughout the night.  Kate said that the essential oils roman chamomile and lavender applied to the back of the neck are great to help relax you and support a good night’s sleep.  A lavender pillow or lavender eye mask also works well too.

Kate said that having my energy levels properly supported during the day with B vitamins and having magnesium will help to improve my sleep (which they have) and she also suggested I have a look at Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula  or Tranquil Night.  She sent me some Sleep Sound Formula to try and I will report that I am now a valerian junkie.  This stuff REALLY works and I have found myself drifting off to sleep easier and staying asleep for longer.  It takes a week or so to start working but it’s well worth the wait.

I definitely recommend the experience of consulting with a naturopath.  Just a few small additions to my regime and the improvements are something I would DEFINITELY write home about.  Mum?  Are you reading this?  Expect a hand written letter soon!

Have you ever consulted a naturopath or tried any of the products mentioned above?  Share your experiences below!

Project Tighten Up: Update 6 – Fess Up Time

21 Jun

Bikini pics are coming on Saturday.  I can’t believe how quickly those 4 weeks just went by.  I really don’t feel ready for this…

I have only lost 1kg on the scales since last month but again, I really shouldn’t care what the scales think… I was saying to Nat the other day that it’s the only measure I can use (and abuse…) to judge my success as it’s not really feasible to wrap a tape measure around me once a week.  Nat is taking my measurements on Thursday so the ‘real’ results will be in then.

It’s time to fess up though – I had four days rest in a row this month as I was sick and I kind of went off my diet a little bit during that time.  I have also consumed alcohol on more occasions than usual.  My rule is only drink on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, hens nights etc but unfortunately I have broken my own rule and have drank on occasions outside of this.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink to EXCESS but nevertheless I broke my own rules.  Bad Amanda, BAD! 😉

I’m not perfect, even I sometimes don’t stick to my own program.  But in all honesty, when you are so strict on yourself for so long, sometimes your head is going to trip you up.  When you fall out of the ‘zone’ bad decisions are made.  Don’t think that it’s all about diet and exercise!  It’s far from it.  It’s an intense mental battle and you need to keep the upper-hand on yourself at all times!

Luckily, I’m back in the zone.  I have now re-focused and set my eyes on the prize.  I’ve been training very hard over the last 10 days or so after my break and my body is in a world of pain.  I actually don’t remember the last time I had DOMS this bad.  I wept like a baby when I had my massage yesterday.  Every part of me was sore.

When I get very sore like this I get magnesium into me straight away.  I also take glutamine to assist with energy and immune support (also has good effect on muscle recovery) but nothing helps those muscles like magnesium supplements.  They really make a difference, but er, a word of advice, they kind of block you up a bit if you take too much!

I’ve reduced my portion sizes too to give myself a bit of a kick up the butt.  My body doesn’t seem to be agreeing with the 1600 – 1700 cals plan so I’m dropping it back by a couple of hundred calories again.  As you know, I always switch things up when something stops working.  Don’t let yourself become stagnant!

The final thing that I am doing to get me over this hurdle is I have started taking CLA (check out Nat’s post here for more info).  It’s only been over the last week or so that that kilo has dropped so it could be the CLA but I won’t get a clearer picture of it’s success for another few weeks.  What I do know is that since I have been taking it my appetite has decreased.  A good thing!

So I’m a force to be reckoned with right now!  Let’s hope I’ve done enough to see a noticeable improvement on my progress pics from last month.

Tried, Tested & Well Rested

1 Mar

Before I get started on this post I’d just like to state, as you know, I am not a health, fitness or weight loss professional. I am just a girl with an avid interest in all things health and fitness.  This post (as are the majority of my posts) is purely based on my own opinion as well as methods I have tried and tested.  This is what works best for me.

You are more than welcome to try these ideas for yourself however I do strongly suggest if you have any ongoing issues with muscle soreness or chronic pain that you seek professional advice.

Okay, now that that boringness is out of the way let’s get into it!  Muscle soreness.  Something I know only too well and it is also something that I have finally got a handle on.  Finally.  I have spent far too long walking like I just got off a horse.   It’s not very becoming for a lady like myself. *cough*

Basically, my theory is this – if you are going to spend ‘x’ amount of time on working out and pushing your body to its limits then you must spend ‘y’ amount of time working on recovery. What ‘x’ and ‘y’ equal is up to you but the important thing is that you find balance between the two.

I have seen far too many instances where people (I’m also pointing the finger at myself) keep pushing, pushing and pushing through workouts and spending no time at all on recovery and end up with injuries.  It’s really not worth it. Spend the time you need to on recovery and you will avoid the cost of physios, podiatrists, chiros and doctors that you will no doubt need to visit if you don’t pay attention to your body!

What I have found during this journey to fitness freakness is that your body makes most of its major changes when it is in recovery mode.  This is when the muscles relax and take shape.   Taking on a new shape is what we are so desperately seeking so we need to ensure that we aid recovery as well as we possibly can.

So, what can we do to help this process?


A 60 second stretch at the end of a session is simply not enough.  You need to spend a good 5 – 10 minutes at the end of your session (when your muscles are warm) stretching.  You should hold each stretch for 20 to 30 seconds and focus on the areas which are tightest.   For instance, my hip flexors are usually the tightest so I spend the majority of my time stretching them, even going back 2 or 3 times to stretch them again.

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is really a godsend.  Anyone who partakes in exercise who thinks they don’t need it should think again.  It’s like having a sports massage without the hefty price tag.

Foam rolling is great for stretching muscles and tendons and it also breaks down tissue adhesions and scar tissue.  You basically use your own body weight and press down on the roller to self massage the affected area to break up trigger points, soothe tight fascia and promote blood flow and circulation.

I foam roll a few times a week but you can do it as often or as little as you like.

Here’s a great YouTube clip to get you started on your foam rolling journey:

Magnesium Oil Spray

I’ve just started using this but, just like every new thing I try, I’m almost certain it’s going to change my life.

Rub a few sprays of this oil into your skin daily (it’s actually not really an oil – more a tonic) and reap the benefits of magnesium far quicker than if you were to take a supplement.

Not only does it help relieve sore and stiff muscles but it helps prevent stress as well as helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

It does sting the skin a little at first but the stinging sensation will ease as you get used to it.  Suck it up princesses!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Yep! I still drink my apple cider vinegar!  I usually have it as soon as I wake up in the morning but you can also have it immediately after exercise to help clear lactic acid.

Simply Rest

I always ensure I have one day of rest a week.   On this day I do very little physical activity and let my body just ‘be’.   Every now and then I find it’s good to take off 3 or 4 days and just do light activity.   As I said earlier, rest days are so important as it is during this period of recovery that our muscles change and take shape.   So don’t hammer yourself in training day after day without ensuring you give your body some rest! Got it? Good!

That’s about it from me on the topic of rest and recovery!   I hope that you will now pay more attention to your recovery routine.

Do you put enough effort into recovery?  What’s your tried and tested tips for rest and recover?