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Creamy Chicken Tenderloin Salad

24 Mar

I love this salad.  If it had lips I’d kiss them and gently thank the salad for being so delicious, filling (oh hai protein!) and kind to my waistline.  It’s perfect for either lunch or dinner and super quick and easy to whip up.   I prefer it for dinner because of its low carb content!

The dressing is inspired by Natalie’s Faux Caesar Salad but slightly tweaked (I omitted the olive oil and added lemon juice).


Two handfuls of mixed lettuce leaves

1 medium tomato (sliced into wedges)

Handful of capsicum strips

3 chicken tenderloins (120g)

15g of shaved parmesan cheese (no more than this!  It is unexpectedly calorific and easy to go overboard on)

Dried or fresh rosemary

Salt & pepper

Olive oil spray




1 tablespoon of natural, low-fat yoghurt

1 teaspoon of dijon mustard

1 teaspoon of lemon juice


Sprinkle the chicken with a little rosemary, salt and pepper.  Heat a little olive oil in a pan and grill the chicken for about 3 minutes a side or until cooked through.

Combine the salad ingredients and parmesan in a serving bowl.  Shred the chicken and place on top of the salad.

Combine the dressing ingredients and drizzle over the chicken and salad.

Now, if I weren’t watching my calories like a damn hawk at the moment I might also add a boiled egg or some crispy prosciutto.  OR (gasp!) both.  Drool.

Nutritional info: 324 cals, 9.3g  fat, 4.2g sat fat, 47g protein, 8.6g carbs, 7.6g sugar



I’m SO Not Vain

22 Mar

I’ve been thinking lately.  Unusual, yes I know – I’ve heard that it’s not good for the brain but hey, I’m a rebel.

ANYHOO, I’ve been thinking that I am extremely sick of looking at my former overweight self, swathed in cream silk, all chipmunk-like in the face, gazing down at me from my living room wall every day.

At the time I felt pretty good.  I had lost 5kg before the wedding and I even had to have my dress taken in!  I was definitely a little unhappy that I hadn’t lost more weight but I didn’t let that affect my day.

Even Justin is slimmer now than he was back then but we are both as vain as ever and although we are not vain at all, we’ve been discussing getting new pictures taken.

When I told Chanel about this plan she thought that we were going to dress up in our wedding attire and have the pictures taken as if it were our wedding day all over again!  What a laughable concept! Ha Ha!  “That dress is swimming on me now!”, I exclaimed to her, rolling my eyes (well, I was rolling my eyes but she couldn’t see them as this discussion was over email).  But I can see how when I told her that I wanted to have my wedding photos re-done that she would come to this conclusion.   Let’s be honest, I wasn’t very clear.  So, like all good friends I laughed at her a little more and then explained to her that no, we would just have some nice pictures taken in normal clothes in a nice location.

And that’s if we ARE to go ahead with it.  I’m still thinking about it.  Should I just ignore the fact that I was overweight in those photos on the wall and remember our wedding for what it was, a beautiful day celebrating our love with our family friends?  Or should I replace those photos with new ones that represent us as a couple, who we are now and where we are heading?  Dilemmas, dilemmas!

What are your thoughts on this extremely important, life-altering and not at all vain issue?



My Story unveiled!

29 Jul

I’ve been working on My Story in my spare time over the last few days, whittling away at it in lunch hours, making notes on my bus trips home on my trusty iPhone (god, how I love thee *kisses phone*) and reading and re-reading to make sure I had got it right.

It was quite emotional for me to put it all in writing and I’m still feeling nervous that I have  put it out to the world but I hope it helps and inspires those out there going through similar issues.

Please check it out – there’s a link called My Story at the top of the page.  Feel free to leave comments and feedback and thank you for following me on this journey.  God that’s so cliche… uh, thank you for following… my fat ass as it tries to get skinny?  Anyway, you know what I mean.  😉

Taking the Dairy Challenge!

26 Jul


Recently on my Facebook page I mentioned a study that involved a group of overweight people and the affects of dairy on their weight loss.  It was found over a 12 week period that those who consumed 5 serves of dairy a day within a calorie controlled diet lost more weight than those who consumed only 3 serves of dairy (see here for more information on this study).

I’m not a huge dairy eater…  I’ll have some milk on my cereal, some milk in my tea and have a serve of yoghurt a day and that’s about it.  So I’ve decided to put this theory to the test and increase my dairy to 5 serves a day over the next few weeks.  I’ll be logging it in to Calorie King to ensure that I’m not going over my calorie limit as this will be a bit of a change for me!  To save calories though I’ll be sticking with low fat varieties.

What equals one serve of dairy?

  • 250ml of milk*
  • 200g yoghurt
  • 40g cheese

*Low fat, skim and full fat milk have similar nutrient value.  In fact, a lot of the fat reduced milks provide more calcium than full fat milk

Also, 1/2 a cup of tinned salmon or sardines equals 1 serve of dairy in terms of calcium.

My Food

My food will look a little like this:


Multigrain toast with hommus, tomato and 40g of cheese


Bran with 250ml of low-fat milk and banana

Morning Tea

250ml of low-fat milk


Multigrain salad sandwich with 1/2 cup of tinned salmon


Salad with 1/2 cup of tinned salmon


Multigrain salad sandwich with 40g of cheese

Afternoon Tea

200g of low-fat yoghurt with diced apple


The usual 1/2 plate of veggies, 1/4 plate protein and 1/4 plate low GI carbs (will try and add some cheese where necessary!)

After dinner

Glass of warm milk with teaspoon of honey (promotes a sound sleep – which I need!)

It will be interesting to see if this makes any difference to my weight loss.  I’ll keep you informed on my progress so don’t forget to check in!

Fun Fact Friday! Does muscle weigh more than fat?

2 Jul

The common theory that muscle weighs more than fat is false.

1kg of muscle is exactly the same as 1kg of fat. The difference is the volume. 1kg of fat is a whopping three to four times the size of 1kg of muscle.

So that’s why people who exercise a lot will look a lot slimmer without dropping numbers on the scales.

Stop! Before you reach for that SumoSalad read this…

16 Mar

We’ve all been there before – we think we are making the healthier choice because we have opted for a salad or a wrap but little do we know of the hidden nasties within.  I was shocked to find that some of SumoSalad’s salads or wraps have more calories and fat than a big mac!

Take a peak for yourself: http://www.sumosalad.com/nutritionalinfo.html

So next time you go to SumoSalad I would recommend the Spicy BBQ Prawn salad.  Not only is it delicious – the regular serving has only 208 calories and 9.2g of fat.  Ask for half the dressing and it’s looking even better.  😉