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Cleo Shoot: How He Really Feels When You Lose Weight

16 May

I was lucky enough recently to be asked by Cleo magazine if they could do an article on Justin and I about how men really feel when their wife or girlfriend loses weight.  It was such an amazing experience – I felt confident and happy with what they had chosen for me to wear, my hair and makeup was perfection and I was definitely less nervous having Justin there with me.

We interviewed with the lovely Bec Whish and she sent us the questions in advance to mull over.  Now, Justin and I had never really talked about how or if my weight loss impacted our relationship, so this was an interesting experience!

We chatted about the questions for a few days (it took a few days because, let’s face it, you can’t expect a man to talk about his “feelings” for more than 15 minutes) and it was kind of like a little lesson in communication for us.  At first it was difficult for him to really put into words how he felt about it all but eventually he told me how proud he was of me, how much more confidence he sees in me and how much I inspire him to be a healthier person.  Naw.  My heart.  She swells.  😉

So, this post is dedicated to Justin – your constant and unwavering love and support has been invaluable to me.  You’ve stood by me even when I made the stupidest of decisions and you’ve picked me up when I’ve felt the lowest of lows resulting from those decisions.  You’re my rock and I thank you for everything.  Say it with me now – nawwwwwwww.

Here’s a copy of the article (thanks Bec) but do make sure you go out and get the mag (not just because I’m in it, but because Cleo is AWESOME).  It hits the stands today! 🙂