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Complacency bites… hard

11 Jul

(I google image searched “bruised ego” and this monkey came up… it has nothing to do with anything… but look! It’s a monkey with a gun! Hilarious).

The complacent attitude I blogged about not too long ago came back to bite me. Hard. As it inevitably does. It bit me in the form of ho hum measurement results for the month.

I was pretty pleased with having a 2cm loss from the waist and a 1.5cm loss from the thigh but I was less than pleased about the1.5cm gain on my belly (bloated like a sonofabitch) and the no loss at all from everywhere else. Sigh. But I have to face facts – I was not at my best this month and I could have gone harder. I do recognise however that I can’t be programmed to be at my best ALL the time. Everyone has “off” periods. I’m only human (shudder… it hurts to admit that because I often see myself as a turbo-charged robot, highly skilled in the art of being awesome).

In my complacency post I committed to a few goals and I’ve got to be honest – I hardly succeeded with achieving any of them. Yup. That’s right. I’m admitting failure. And god my ego is bruised. Bruised I tell you! I’m not going to make bullshit excuses, I’m simply going to say that what’s done is done. I’ve learnt my lesson and now I’ll move on.

SO. THIS is going to be the week that I restart my awesomeness. I feel I need to be more specific about my goals this week, so here goes:

1. Training – I am committing to hip hop on Monday night, gym circuit on Tuesday, PT on Wednesday, boxing and indoor soccer on Thursday and PT on Friday. I will complete each and every one of these sessions with a go hard or go home attitude (I know my trainer will be reading this and will reinforce this… sweet jesus I feel my ass hurting already).

2. Food – I am committing to eating fresh, wholesome, portion controlled food and no more dessert! This fortnight will be a lot easier in the dessert stakes as hubby will be on his night shift therefore is not home to ask, “Ice-cream my dear?”. Not that I blame him… Remember, it’s no excuses here! … God how I love ice-cream. No. Wait. Who said that??

3. Attitude – I am committing to high energy and high positivity! This does not mean I’m going to start bouncing off the walls gibbering positivity statements (Richard Simmons, I am not), it just means I am getting rid of all negative baggage and feelings. And no more stress. Stress promotes cortisol production which equals fat around the middle. Goodbye 1.5cm!

Right. Thank god that’s over and done with. How cathartic. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders already… Now if only that weight would come off my ass…

Hypnotherapy Gastric Banding? Hmm…

30 Jun

I read the following article as I sat here munching on my lunch (garden salad with tuna and avocado if you care to know):


Now, I am a firm believer that the power of the mind is an incredible thing however I’m not sure if you could *really* believe you had a gastric band for 6 months.  That’s an awful long time.  But I do believe you could, via hypnotherapy, become more conscious of when you are full and be more mindful of eating more healthy fare rather than rubbish.  But I think to be successful in weight loss you need to adjust your thinking as well.

For instance, when I was very overweight I used to moan and gripe over how overweight I was, “OMG I’m soooo fat, woe is me!  I wish I wasn’t so fat! [insert sad face here]”.  I started exercising and eating healthy and still moaned that I was fat and I didn’t notice any change (mind you, I WAS changing, just slowly, not at the fast pace I so desperately craved – hello PCOS!).  I soon realised that I had to also change my attitude to fully allow my body to make the changes I wanted it to.  I’m no scientist but I have read your body receives signals from the brain so if the brain thinks the body is fat, then the body will continue to be fat.  I read it so it must be true, yes?  😉  Anyway it sounds good so I’m totally sticking with that theory!

So whilst I think that hypnotherapy could be something that aids in weight loss, I also think you need to add hard work, determination, a healthy eating pattern and a bucket load of positivity to the mix to really get long term results.