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Killer Back, Tricep, Chest and Abs Workout

17 Aug

I did this workout yesterday and I am ACHING today.  Simply ACHING.  It’s a GREAT feeling, I’m sure you will all agree!

These are the weights I did but you will need to adjust them to your own ability. The weight should be heavy enough so that on your 10th rep you find it difficult but not impossible.

I’ll try to video some of my workouts and take more pictures in the future!

Pushups 3 x 15 (on toes)

Variation: perform movement on the knees.

Bench press 20kg 3 x 10

Source: restorepersonaltraining.com

Variation: perform exercise on the fitball for added core stabilising benefits.

Bent arm DB pullover 8kg 3 x 10

Variation: perform exercise on the fitball for added core stabilising benefits!

One arm DB row 15kg 3 x 10

Variation: perform exercise on the fitball for added core stabilising benefits.

Weighted bench dips 25kg 3 x 10

As per the above however place a weight plate on your lap Source: sassyagapi.blogspot.com

Variation: perform without weight until you have the movement right.

OH tri ext 12kg 3 x 10

Pushups with hand/foot release top and bottom 3 x 10 

Lower down to the floor in pushup position, take hands and feet off floor, place them back on floor, push up, when in the up position take your hands and feet off the floor so it causes you to do a little “hop” in the air and then lower back down to the floor. Repeat.  These KILL my life.

2 x 10 dragon flag

Note: this move is quite difficult.  See here for variations.

2 x 60 sec planks

Source: health.howstuffworks.com

Variation: perform movement on knee, ensuring the pelvis is tucked under and the belly button is pulled back towards the spine. Take note that the elbows should be in alignment with the shoulder. 

Take a 60 second break in between each repetition and have a good long stretch after the session.

The next day, marvel at your nice, taut triceps and your flat, firm tummy.  Then send me your cash in the mail.  Or cheque, I take cheques too.  🙂


It seems white women can’t jump either

9 Mar

…or maybe it’s just me.

Today’s group PT session involved slow jogs, fast sprints, jumping on the curb and loads of ab exercises.

I’m not one for jumping.  I am very unsteady on my feet.  I can’t seem to make myself jump with both feet and then land on both feet.  A cat, I am not.

But I feel much better knowing my exercise is out of the way for today.  On to more exciting things!  Like copying text into html format… a painstakingly slow process that unfortunately I brought upon myself.  “Hey, I’ll do it!” I volunteered.  What a chump.

Last night it was a friend’s birthday so we all went out for… Mexican.  Fan-fucking-tastic.   So I shared a nachos and garden salad with a friend.  That’s a healthier option yes?  Because let’s face it, I could have ate a nice big burrito all to myself.  Then cried myself to sleep.

Breakfast today was the usual porridge with banana and I had a tuna and garden salad for lunch with a slice of multigrain bread.  I have some low fat greek yoghurt with dried berries and nuts for afternoon tea and dinner will be lemon, herb and garlic grilled chicken breast and veggies.  I’m pretty happy with that!

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The following has nothing to do with anything – I just love it is all.

Edited to add:

Finally.  An image that captured my feelings right now.