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What To Do, What To Do…

29 Sep


I have spent a lot of time thinking over the past week or so about what comp I want to enter next year.  Originally I was going to go for the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) comp in March but after talking to a few people (Nat, Charlotte and my ever-supportive husband, Justin) I realised that it probably wasn’t the right comp for me.

You see, the IFBB comps are untested which means that the girls could be using all types of supplements and drugs from speed-like fat burning substances to pro-hormones.  This is something I would NEVER consider doing.  I take too much pride in my natural and holistic approach to weight loss and health so I would prefer to be amongst equals and enter a natural comp.  Obviously,  I want to give myself the BEST possible chance of winning!

BUT the natural comps aren’t until mid next year.  So therein lies the dilemma! DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNNN!

I’ve spent about 8 weeks in a muscle-building stage.  I’ve been eating LOADS and lifting heavy in an effort to increase my lean muscle mass.  I think I’ve done a pretty good job at this but the fact remains that my body fat percentage is still too high.  So, I have ditched the muscle-building plan (for now) and have entered into a fat loss plan to get my body fat percentage down.  I’ll go have another dexa scan in a couple of months to assess and then I’ll decide if I need to add more muscle mass (most likely) and go from there.

So!  The new plan!  DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNNN! (that probably wasn’t even needed there, but I like to build suspense)

Workout-wise I will be placing more emphasis on cardio as previously I was only doing 2 cardio sessions a week and 6 weight sessions.  Now the plan will be to do 4 cardio sessions and 4 weight sessions.

My week will now look a little something like this:

Monday: upper body + cardio

Tuesday: lower body + cardio

Wednesday: cardio

Thursday: upper body

Friday: cardio

Saturday: lower body

Sunday: off

Food-wsie I will be following the, uh, following principles:

  • High protein
  • Low fat (no more oils, nuts or avocado so will be now taking 3 fish oil caps, daily)
  • An obscene amount of fresh and steamed vegetables
  • No grains or starchy carbs after lunch
  • Low dairy

It’s not EXTREMELY low-calorie but it’s low enough for me considering I was just eating about 2000 calories! The focus is just being as clean as possible and hitting my macro-nutrient needs.  I will have one “cheat” meal per week as well.  I’m already dreaming of my first one!

Now, usually I would lay out my meal plan for you guys now but unfortunately I can not do that this time!  I consulted a professional to help me with my cutting diet so therefore the diet is not mine to share.  I have posted my meal plans before and I can say that this is very similar, so do a search of the My Progress category and check them out!

I’ve just completed 2 days on this diet and it’s like I have forgotten what it’s like to be on a weight loss plan!  Oh, the hunger pangs!  Oh, the irritability! Argh!  But I’ve done it before for MONTHS on end (and on much lower calories!) so I can do it now.  Just need to take a big cup of concrete.  Oh, wait, that’s not on the plan…

I manage the hunger by consuming copious amounts of herbal tea as the warm liquid is soothing and filling.  And of course I drink lots of water too.  Last night I was so hungry about 20 minutes after eating (and my dinner was not small by any means) that I just had to go to sleep.  Apparently this is a good sign as it means by metabolism is firing on all cylinders!  Excellent.

Well, that is about it from me.  I’ll take some progress pics in a couple of weeks to let you know how I’m going.

Also – have an awesomely inspiring interview coming up with a weight loss sensation turned sports model so don’t miss that one!


Supp Y’all?

23 Sep

This is how many supplements you will need. NOT.

I often get asked what supplements I take and to be honest I don’t take a whole lot but there are 3 supplements that I am currently taking on a daily basis and that I swear by.  I think that if you have a rich and varied diet that you should get all the nutrients you need but when you put your body through strenuous exercise regularly, you sometimes need a little assistance.

Whey Protein Isolate

I have written a little about whey protein in another post which you can read here.

I usually mix my WPI with a little skim milk, vanilla extract and cacao powder.  It’s great to have any time of day as a snack but is particularly beneficial immediately after exercise as it quickly provides protein to the muscles.


I’ve only recently starting taking BCAAs and I am now converted.  The brand I use currently is Xtend but I think I will change to something else when I’m done as it contains artificial sweeteners and is really REALLY sweet.  You get used to it but, yeah, wow, it’s sweet!

Since using them I have found that I recover easier and have less muscles soreness, which is exactly what I need when I have been smashing 5-6 weight sessions a week and a few cardio sessions too!


I take glutamine for its immune and digestive system benefits but it is also another supplement that aids recovery post exercise.

I also take, as required, but not every day:

Fish Oil

For the anti-inflammatory and omega-3 benefits.

Bio Magnesium

To help with muscular cramps and ease premenstrual symptoms.

I would recommend talking to your GP before commencing any supplement usage to ensure that they are safe for you to use!

What supplements do you swear by?

My Wedding Dress

10 Sep

As I got out of the shower today and was searching for something to wear, I spied my wedding dress hanging in my wardrobe, untouched since the day I wore it when I married the man I love nearly 4 years ago.

I’m not much of a “wedding person”. I didn’t care too much for minor details, all I wanted was a big party with our closest friends and relatives – a good food, drinks flowing and raucous dancing kind of affair. And that’s what I got and I loved every minute of it.

So being the non-wedding person that I am I clearly wasn’t too fussed with what I was going to wear on the day. I knew 3 things – it had to be under $1k as I’m a terrible tight arse, it had to be flowy to hide my chubby tummy and thighs and it had to be fairly understated and simple.

About 4 weeks away from the wedding date I walked into a dress store (yep, 4 weeks and it wasn’t even a bridal store) that sold all these beautiful silk dresses, tried on 3 dresses and settled on my dress.


$700 later, thank you very much, I was pretty impressed with myself. I loved my dress and on the day I felt beautiful in it (until I saw the wedding photos that is!).

So, there it was, hanging there in my closet and I couldn’t help but wonder how it would look now. The only way to find out was to try it on!




It was hanging off my frame! I remember on the day I had to suck everything in to zip it up and my boobs were spilling gloriously out of the top (ah boobs, how I miss thee).

I could always get it taken in and it would look quite nice:


I guess I regret not knowing what I know now about weight loss… I regret not fully committing myself to weight loss prior to the wedding.

But at the same time I don’t think that would have changed the day that I had. I remember not feeling 100% satisfied with my weight but I allowed myself to let those feelings go for the day and just enjoy the moment. And that’s all that mattered.

To the married gals – were you happy with your size on your wedding day? Did you place pressure on yourself to get to a certain size for “the big day”? How do you feel now when you look back on your wedding photos?

Progress Photo Update!

3 Sep

I was apprehensive about taking these photos. I guess now that I am at the stage where I am not actively seeking to lose weight I didn’t want to know what the photos would look like. Would I look stocky and thick? Would I look chubby? Would I, gasp, not have made any changes at all?

Well, it was time to take a big swig of concrete because clearly, I needed to just harden the hell up. And harden up I did! Literally! I think I have made some good gains over the last 6 weeks. My legs, arms, abs and especially my back have all taken on some nice lean muscle mass. It’s not a HUGE difference but I feel stronger so I think that’s very important at this stage.

I’m okay with not looking “smaller”, as long as I am gaining that all important muscle, because in a couple of months that muscle mass is going to be really important as I strip away the remainder of fat to reveal a new tight, taut, sports model comp ready body!

I’m clearly still uncomfortable with “posing” – I am fully aware on how awkward and creepy I look. Thank GOD I don’t have to actually flex on stage because I think it would take me forever to learn how to master the art! I’m going to WNBF competition tomorrow to see Charlotte compete so I will check out the sports model comp whilst I’m there to get an idea of what I am in for.

I haven’t placed these photos side by side because I simply don’t have good enough software to do so and paint just makes the image quality too poor considering that I take these pics with my iPhone!

6 weeks ago - front

Today - front

6 weeks ago - back

Today - back

6 weeks ago - front flex

Today - front flex

6 weeks ago - back flex

Today - back flex

6 weeks ago - awkward front pose in heels

Today - still awkward front pose in heels

6 weeks ago - bootay shot in heels

Today - bootay shot in heels

6 weeks ago - side sleazy shot in heels

Today - even sleazier side shot in heels

Today - close up of thighs and abs

Hoping the lumps and bumps diminish before comp time! Also, pay no mind to my dumb left shoulder… I have had some issues with it over the last couple of days and it won’t sit straight.

Hope everyone is working hard! Until next time, lift heavy, eat clean and BELIEVE in yourself! 🙂