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I’m Mind F&*king You Right NOW

23 Aug

Eating at maintenance calories is, as Diddy would say, a total mind fuck.

After spending so many years meticulously counting calories, making sure I never go over 13oo/1400 calories, the prospect of eating a whopping 1900 calories was extremely exciting at first.  YES!  MOAR FOOD WILL GIVE ME STRENGTH AND ENERGY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

And then it was daunting and overwhelming.  I found it hard to eat all of my meals and was even leaving food on my plate (GASP!).

Now, it’ just damn confusing.  I’m eating all of my food (although sometimes  it takes me an hour or more to finish a meal) but I’m still hungry.  I feel like I could literally be munching on something for 24 hours straight.  I’m a hungry beast, I’m ravenous, I’d eat your face if you let me.   Some say this is due to an accelerated metabolism but I don’t know if that is just bro-science.  Whatever it is, it’s messing with my head.

Also, there is the fact that the numbers on the scales are all over the place.  Losing, gaining, losing, gaining – I should just throw the damn things out but I’m also fretting the measuring tape as my mind is telling me, “You’re eating so much food, surely you’ve gained centimetres!  All your hard work is coming undone!”.

It’s stupid and lame and I HATE having these thoughts.  I now think that losing weight is the easy part, it’s maintaining or gaining strength that is the hard part.  When you’re losing weight it’s just a matter of following the program and if you follow it right, you will see results.  At the stage I am at now, trying to increase lean muscle mass, it’s hard to envision that there will be results at the end of all this as all I can think about is all the damn food I am eating!

I’m not sure if any of this is making sense to you guys, feel free to call me a lunatic, but all I know if I can’t wait until this recomp phase is over and I can start cutting to reveal the sexy, lean muscle that I hope I am building underneath the bulk!

So, usually I would have taken some updated bikini pics by now but I am still getting used to my new eating and exercise program so I’m going to hold off for a few more weeks.  I did take a couple of pics the other night though to gauge where I am at.

Now I just need to switch of and allow my body to do what it needs to do.  All I have to do is train hard, fuel my body and allow recovery and everything will fall into place… *breathe*

Have you lost weight and are now at maintenance stage?  How did you adjust?

Killer Back, Tricep, Chest and Abs Workout

17 Aug

I did this workout yesterday and I am ACHING today.  Simply ACHING.  It’s a GREAT feeling, I’m sure you will all agree!

These are the weights I did but you will need to adjust them to your own ability. The weight should be heavy enough so that on your 10th rep you find it difficult but not impossible.

I’ll try to video some of my workouts and take more pictures in the future!

Pushups 3 x 15 (on toes)

Variation: perform movement on the knees.

Bench press 20kg 3 x 10


Variation: perform exercise on the fitball for added core stabilising benefits.

Bent arm DB pullover 8kg 3 x 10

Variation: perform exercise on the fitball for added core stabilising benefits!

One arm DB row 15kg 3 x 10

Variation: perform exercise on the fitball for added core stabilising benefits.

Weighted bench dips 25kg 3 x 10

As per the above however place a weight plate on your lap Source:

Variation: perform without weight until you have the movement right.

OH tri ext 12kg 3 x 10

Pushups with hand/foot release top and bottom 3 x 10 

Lower down to the floor in pushup position, take hands and feet off floor, place them back on floor, push up, when in the up position take your hands and feet off the floor so it causes you to do a little “hop” in the air and then lower back down to the floor. Repeat.  These KILL my life.

2 x 10 dragon flag

Note: this move is quite difficult.  See here for variations.

2 x 60 sec planks


Variation: perform movement on knee, ensuring the pelvis is tucked under and the belly button is pulled back towards the spine. Take note that the elbows should be in alignment with the shoulder. 

Take a 60 second break in between each repetition and have a good long stretch after the session.

The next day, marvel at your nice, taut triceps and your flat, firm tummy.  Then send me your cash in the mail.  Or cheque, I take cheques too.  🙂

What I’m Eating Now

15 Aug

I get a lot of questions about what my meal plan is like and requests to share more recipes on the blog.   I wish I HAD more interesting recipes to share but I think I have come to the point where I am just eating the same types of foods, day in and day out, that I don’t think that I don’t think it is interesting enough to be blog worthy! I mean who wants to read that I had grilled chicken and steamed veg AGAIN for dinner?!

I am also conscious that people may feel they should mirror what I eat and this concerns me as diets need to be tailored to individual bodies and goals.  In other words, whilst I am giving you an idea of what my diet is like, I am not suggesting that you should follow it too (let’s face it, I’m not a nutritionist!).  But I will make more of an effort to post up any new recipes that I try and will also post up when my diet changes.  Which just so happens to be NOW.

As per my last couple of posts, I’m now eating what is termed a ‘re-comp’ style diet.  It’s working out well so far and the added carbohydrates are definitely giving my muscles a bit more ‘pump’ (don’t you just love body-building terms? ;)).   The only major changes that I have made to my diet is that I have added more healthy fats and more carbs to get to the macronutrients outlined by Jarrod when I got my Dexa scan done.

So, now my diet looks a bit like this:

Meal 1 (8.30am / 9am)

1/2 cup warm quinoa, skim milk, tsp of honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon + 1 whole egg and 3 whites, scrambled

(I was having oats instead but they seem to make me really bloated and uncomfortable so I have taken them out)

Meal 2 (10.30am – pre-cardio)

Orange + 14 almonds + green tea

Meal 3 (12.30pm)

3/4 cup of brown rice (I am trialling brown rice again as I’m not sure if it is also brown rice that causes the bloated issue or if it was just the oats – if it’s brown rice I’ll switch to quinoa), garden salad, 180g tin of tuna in springwater, 1/4 avocado, drizzled in olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Meal 4 (4.30pm / 5pm pre-workout)

1 scoop of whey protein isolate and 2 tsp of cacao powder (low carb, low cal, no sugar = win!) with skim milk + handful of pepitas

Meal 5 (7.00pm / 7.30pm)

Palm size lean protein (about 150g) and steamed greens (always using herbs, spices, garlic, lemon, chilli etc…)

Meal 6 (8.30pm / 9pm)

1/2 a cup of mashed sweet potato with 1/4 of low-fat cottage cheese sprinkled with nutmeg, cinnamon and a small drizzle of honey (this is DELICIOUS)

It was quite hard making the jump from about 1300 cals to 1900 cals.  I never thought eating MORE would be a problem but my god, it takes me about an hour to finish eating my lunch!  Which is a good thing as the slower you eat the easier it is for your body to digest the food thus keeping you fuller for longer.  I’m also starting to feel stronger and more energetic which is a HUGELY welcome feeling.

I’m going to give some time for my body to adjust to the new meal plan and training regime so I won’t be posting updated pics for another few weeks.  Here’s hoping this all goes to plan and I start to gain some sexy lean muscle!

I’m just going to leave this here, this is my dream body and my current screensaver on my phone.  It reminds me of what I am working towards and to never give up.

Amanda Latona - IFBB PRO

How do you remind yourself of your goals?

Mojo is BACK!

10 Aug

My blogging mojo has been low.  Very low.  I apologise for this but I just haven’t had anything very interesting to say really… every day was the same, wake, eat, work, eat, crossfit, eat, home time, study, eat, sleep, dream of eating.  Haha!

But I am happy to report that my mojo is steadily creeping back up as I have a new focus!

Last week I took the week off to complete my Certificate III in Fitness.  I still have my Senior First Aid to go and a video practical assessment but I made a huge dent in the course.  One module that I found particularly interesting was the module on exercise programming and how programs need to reflect different fitness goals.

Now, my main goal at the moment is to build sexy lean muscle mass (also known as hypertrophy) and reduce fat mass so the way I should be going about this is a strength program that is based on heavy lifting for 8 – 12 reps.

When I say  – 12 reps that doesn’t just mean picking up a 5kg dumbbell and doing 12 reps of a bicep curl with it.  It means to choose the heaviest weight that you can bust out 12 reps with perfect form with but could definitely not manage a 13th rep.

Whilst I love crossfit, I need a change of pace.  I need to see what it is like to follow a traditional resistance/strength based program as how can I be a successful trainer if I don’t even train myself and only rely on others to train me?  I also think that if I want the sports model body then I have to train like one.  Besides these factors, it’s becoming hard financially to fund going to crossfit and the class times are often unsuitable for me.

So, I’ve devised a new program for myself!  I’ve had a good read of my course material again, had a chat to Nat and also read The Female Fitness Bible on to get some ideas on how to piece this altogether:

The New Workout Plan 


Lunchtime cardio workout – 20 mins of HIIT (100m sprints followed by 100m walking, for example) cardio immediately followed by 20 mins of low intensity cardio

Evening – upper body


Lower body


Cardio workout only (as per Monday lunchtime)


Luncthime – cardio workout

Evening – upper body


Lower body


Meltdown with New Outlook Fitness


Glorious rest day!

As I come up with new programs I will post them up here on the blog so you guys can give them a go for yourselves!  I’ll also post up my new meal plan in the next blog post. 🙂

And remember guys:





Dexa Scan – Review & Results

3 Aug

Yesterday I went to get a dexa scan and I have to say it was honestly one of the most interesting things I have ever done in my life!

What is a Dexa Scan?

Body Composition Australia uses the worlds most advanced scanning technology from Hologic, USA.  Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), assesses total body bone mineral density and highly accurate measures of the body’s soft tissue composition (muscle mass and fat mass).  By measuring your body’s muscle mass, fat mass, and bone mineral density, Body Composition Australia can determine your total body fat percentage, and changes in regional body composition. We also undertake specific measures to determine your risk of Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. 

Dr Jarrod Meerkin was so lovely and made me feel very at ease.  The scan is non-invasive and you remain fully clothed the whole time.  The only thing that is uncomfortable about the whole thing is the amount of time you need to remain still!   Basically, all you need to do is lie down on a bench and the scanning device passes over your body.  The whole process takes about 5 minutes.  It’s that easy.

My Results:

Firstly, he told me that my bone density was excellent.  It is so good that it is actually off the charts for my age.  How you like them apples??

Then he moved onto the real reason I was there – to learn more about how much fat and muscles my body holds.

My overall body fat percentage was 27.6% (women should be between 21 – 33%).

Jarrod explained to me that the percentage number is not the most important factor here.  What is more important is the actual fat mass and lean muscle mass that your body holds.

I have 18.5kg of fat mass and 45.8kg of muscle mass (which he said was very good).

The total fat mass of females should weigh between 20kg – 25kg.  He explained that anyone who falls between 15kg and 20kg is doing very well.  Professional female athletes sit between 10kg and 15kg of fat mass therefore this is now my goal.

Body Part Breakdown:

Each arm: approx 1kg fat mass; 2.2kg muscle mass
Trunk: approx 6kg fat mass; 23kg muscle mass
Each leg: approx 4.5kg fat mass; 7.8kg muscle mass

So How Do I Get to My Goal?

The coolest part of the whole process was when Jarrod broke down all the information in order to develop a plan and helped me set an initial goal of getting to 23% body fat within 12 weeks.

Using the information from my results he calculated that my BMR is 1565 cal/day (the amount of calories your body needs to just maintain life).  To get to 23% I would need to be at a weight of 63.9 – 64.9kg.  To achieve this I will need to lose 4kg of fat (which would bring me to 14.5kg of body fat) and gain 1-2kg of muscle.  To achieve THIS I need to modify my diet and expend a MINIMUM of 1800 cals per week on exercise (too easy!).

Then he gave me my new calorie and macro requirements: 1900 cals per day; 166g protein; 143g of carbs and 74g fat (fat total is to be divided by 3 – 1/3 sat fats and 2/3 poly and monounsaturated fats).

I’m excited to punch all the numbers into Calorie King and develop a new meal plan!  Yay!  More food!

For those in Sydney, you can get it done in Pitt Street at

Prices are here: (I had the short consult)

Moral of the story – whether you are serious about making gains or loses, get this done. You will not regret it.

The scans are clearly VERY flattering... haha