Amanda’s Top 5 Tips to Survive the Party Season

18 Nov

I love the Christmas holiday season! For me Christmas has always been synonymous with food. And lots of it. Similarly, New Years Eve has always been synonymous with getting shit faced.

That being said, I thought I would share with you the tactics that I am going to use this year to avoid putting on the usual 5kg I do every other holiday season! If you are anything like me and put on weight by just LOOKING at a delicious Christmas spread then read on.

Portion Control!


I don’t know what it is about me and food but all I know is that if you put a spread in front of me then I will endeavour to demolish it all in a matter of sheer minutes. I will pile my plate high with spoonfuls of everything on offer, smash it down my throat and then generally go for seconds. Do not ever take me to an all you can eat buffet – I will own that shit and it will frighten the pants off you.

Scary huh? That’s the hold food has over me. But this Christmas I will not give in to that little gremlin voice in my head that prompts me to turn into an Amanda tornado, a flurry of arms and tiny teeth (I have a little mouth – don’t hate!), consuming every food item in sight. Oh no, that will not happen this Christmas at all!

Here’s my plan of action:

  • Remember to fill up on healthy breakfasts and do not skip meals
  • Have a taste of everything but stick to a small spoonful not a large serving spoon sized serving of everything
  • At parties, steer clear of pastries and fried party snacks and instead choose the healthier options like vegetables crudités, dip and sushi
  • Say no to seconds – yes, Christmas pudding with custard and brandy cream is delicious but I only need it once!
  • Be sensible – I don’t know about you but I have a tendency to just ‘glaze over’ when I am around lots of food and become a thoughtless, salivating mess! The aim is to only eat enough to be satisfied not to have to undo pant buttons!

Don’t Get Lazy!


It’s important to stick to your regular routine as much as possible. It’s very easy to fall into the mantra, “Hey stuff it! I’m on holidays!” but those thoughts will come back and bite you on the ass. And by bite you on the ass I mean your ass will get fat. Just sayin’. Plus it will be extra hard to get back into the swing of things once your holiday period is over. Really not worth it!

  • Stick to your regular training schedule
  • If you can’t stick to your regular training schedule make a new one that will fit within your holiday plans
  • Go to bed and wake up at your usual times so that you don’t fall out of your sleeping pattern
  • Do anything you can to just stay active – even if it means just a walk with the family or a trip to the park to run around with your dogs

Low Alcohol Drinks Are Your FRIEND!


Listen. Yes, social drinking can be fun and it feels great to lose inhibitions and feel like you are the life of the party for the night. But the fact of the matter is that the consumption of alcohol often has a detrimental effect to weight loss. Not to mention the bloating and sluggish metabolism that comes after a big drinking session! Oh and need I add that there is also substantial evidence that alcohol is linked to depression (hello hangover blues!)? And what about all those empty calories – yikes!

So if you tend to drink a lot during party season try to remember that it’s not important how drunk you get, it’s just important that you have a good time and you don’t have to be drunk to have fun (yeah yeah, I know, cliché)! And think of how good you will feel the next day when you are not hung-over? Awesome.

  • Choose low alcohol drinks – my personal favs:
    • Lindemans Early Harvest variety wines
    • Moscato wines
    • Yellowglen Jewel sparkling wine
    • Coopers Light beer
    • Hahn Premium Light beer
  • Have a water or soda water with fresh lime in between drinks
  • Slow down your drinking by playing pool or having a boogie
  • Consume some carbs before drinking to slow the absorption of alcohol
  • Don’t go into ‘shouts’ with friends or allow your glass to be topped up – be responsible for your own intake

Make Healthy Contributions!


If your Christmas spread looks like something out of a scene from The Nutty Professor then you need to start rethinking what you are going to bring to the table! Why not show your family that you don’t have to have high fat and high calorie food for it to be tasty? Be a good influence and bring the following to your next Christmas party!

  • Carrot / celery sticks with hummus
  • Rice paper rolls with fresh prawns, coriander, lettuce and grated carrot
  • Home made salsa and pita bread ‘chips’
  • Sushi
  • Mezze platter with olives, marinated mushrooms and marinated artichokes
  • Capsicum strips / cucumber strips with beetroot dip
  • Fresh salads with lots of vibrant vegetables
  • Baked sweet potato instead of baked potato
  • Fresh prawns and oysters

Google is also useful for looking for healthy recipes and not just pictures of funny cats! Make this Christmas your healthiest Christmas ever!

It’s All About Attitude!


It’s so easy to forget about your health commitments during holidays but it’s really important that you stay on track so that you don’t reverse all of your hard work! If you think you can just eat everything in sight and then deal with it in January then you have another thing coming! Trust me – you will regret that decision IMMENSELY.

  • Try not to forget your goals during the holiday period – keep a reminder where you can see it (it may be a picture of a bikini you want to buy or a photo of you when you looked your best)
  • Don’t get too stressed – as stress levels rise we are prone to overeating so just remember that you don’t have to make Christmas perfect for everyone!
  • Stay strong and focused – don’t give into the temptation of overeating and know when enough is enough

Remember, the Christmas holiday season only lasts a few days. Are you willing to let go of months of hard work for just a few days? It is possible to still have fun, enjoy the holidays with your family and friends, eat the foods you love and still maintain your healthy lifestyle!

How do you endeavour to stay healthy for the holidays?

7 Responses to “Amanda’s Top 5 Tips to Survive the Party Season”

  1. PoP November 18, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    ❤ the small mouth too lol we really our alike 😉
    Jesus Amanda now I'm all panicked about my butt expanding over xmas. Lol. I had not really though about it yet. But I will right it into my Dec goals and make a plan. In Sweden you do shots together in between servings of food…its totally mandatory and like 1200 yr tradition. So I'm going to have to figure out that one :S Maybe I just need to stop being hardcore with the boys (I noticed only the men in my loves' family finish the whole shot the women only drink half so have half the amount in the end). Because it can end up being over 10 to 15 shots which are accompanied with an alcoholic chaser. Hmm I really do need a plan! Thx babe 🙂

    • Amanda November 19, 2010 at 10:51 am #

      Hahaha it’s true! I’m always being teased about my tiny little mouth. 😉

      LOL! I had a good giggle at the shots situation… I would say just do as the other women do. 😉

      You’ll be fine if you just stick with your plan! Do ensure you have an awesome time though!

  2. The Wench November 18, 2010 at 10:35 pm #

    Thanks for the reminders, Amanda! I am trying to kick butt this season and get in shape. Uphill battle with all the parties and celebrations! Great tips, girl!!!!

    • Amanda November 19, 2010 at 10:51 am #

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  3. Chanel November 19, 2010 at 2:46 pm #

    Excellent tips! Our Christmas spreads are pretty healthy, but it’s the portions part that gets me – well, along with all the alcohol 😉

  4. littleaspects November 19, 2010 at 8:41 pm #

    Ah, good tips 🙂

    I always love my early morning Christmas morning run – there’s something amazing about being out when it’s quiet and still and it’s Christmas – it always makes me feel good. Running always sets me up better for dealing with portion control – I always eat healthy food but often too much!


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