Running like the wind! Part 3

14 Aug

This post should actually be titled “Running like old men” but more on that later…

Today Nat and I decided to run 12km which would roughly be 3 and a half laps of Centennial Park in Sydney’s east. It’s a pretty flat path so I thought I wouldn’t have much trouble. Yeah. Wrong. I’m wrong a lot lately apparently! I don’t like to admit that so let’s remember this moment as the one time I admit I’m wrong.

Soooo, basically it was excruciating. I’ve been sick this week so maybe that amplified the pain… But it was just so tough. The last few runs I’ve done included hills. Running on a flat path was so much harder I found. You really need to find a consistent rhythm and propel yourself forward as you don’t have any gradient helping you. And it’s hell on the knees and feet. Absolute hell.

The first lap I struggled and had to stop and stretch a few times. The second lap I found a good rhythm and only briefly stopped once. And then the unthinkable happened. I was overtaken by two men. Two OLD men. They didn’t even look fit! They were wearing casual walking clothes! All I could think was, “God damnnnn I’m slow!”. So I determined to keep pace.

I jogged behind those two old men for a good distance (Hamish and Andy shadow walking style) and just kept thinking, “Don’t you DARE let these old men be faster than you! Don’t. You. Dare”.

Then one of the old men tried to be a hero and started breaking away from the other and I thought, “Oh yeah old man? Oh yeah? You want a piece of this? Well, eat my dust!” and I took off down the path, sprinting like Cathy Freeman running for gold. The old guy must have thought I was a fricken nut. But I beat him and soon enough I guarantee they lost sight of me. He won’t try and be a hero again, I assure you.

By the end of lap 2 I almost died. I had not had any surge of endorphins, my body was aching and I was losing energy quickly. I had seen several runners pass me 3 times and I thought, rightio, let’s just quit whilst I’m ahead here. Time to pack it in.

Just as I was telling Nat I couldn’t do another lap another runner had run up behind me and said, “Don’t stop, you can do it!”. Well then! Someone giving ME motivational comments! That’s new! I thought I was the QUEEN of motivation! So I thought, “Yeah, I can do one more lap. I can and I will!”. So I walked a short distance then struck up a run again and completed that last lap.

By the end of that lap I could have just kept going but unfortunately (or fortunately) I was running out of time as I had a facial booked for 10.45am. So we didn’t reach the 12km we set out to do – it was only 10km but a 10km run is pretty good in my books and I felt proud all over again that I had finished yet another run.

(Below – picture I took of a tree with my Lomo app on iPhone)

What are you proud of this week in terms of fitness?


2 Responses to “Running like the wind! Part 3”

  1. hollypop August 15, 2010 at 12:37 pm #

    haha. funny story!
    i had a facial yesterday too!
    you really are motivating!
    i really want to start running but i am a sook with all kinds of hip and knee and feet complaints and so i have trouble being consistent/ building fitness.
    i think i need a bike.

    • Amanda August 15, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

      Mmm facials… I’d like to have them more often!
      Yes I’ve always got some sort of muscular complaint but I just need to treat my body with care via loads of stretching and using the foam roller. Maybe start off with builidng your fitness with long walks, then try short jogs and ease yourself into it.

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