Still going strong!

30 Mar

Quick update as I haven’t had a chance to write over the last few days! Been busier than a bee! Bees are notoriously known for their busy nature I hear.

So I’m still going hard at it, training 6 sessions a week and eating good healthy food! Had to miss soccer last week on account of the crappy ankle so that sucked. Oh and we lost. But the margins are getting smaller so that’s something! Here’s hoping I can play this week. Ankle is feeling a lot better so fingers crossed!

I’ve managed to keep that kilo off! I’m pleasantly surprised and hoping for more pleasant surprises at the end of this week! Melt baby melt! The measurements went really well too. 2cm from around the shoulders, 1.5cm from the bust (fare thee well bountiful bossom!), 1.5cm from the waist and 2cm from around the navel. So that’s a good start! No loss from legs or arms yet but I do feel them getting stronger and more toned.

This weekend is Easter. The word is akin to ‘torture’ to my ears. So much chocolate will be consumed around me. I will be surrounded by the scent of it. But I must be strong and say no to the sweet brown devil! Wish me luck on that one. Gah.


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