Accepting Success is harder than you think…

24 Mar

Something incredible happened this morning.  Something so amazing and unbelievable that I actually didn’t believe it but there it was right before my eyes – 1kg lost in 3 days.  I shock my head in disbelief, I moved my scales to other areas of the house, I picked them up and tapped them (because everyone knows the key to making electronical goods work properly is to tap them) but the result remained – 1kg down.   Have all my weeks of hard training paid off?  Have I finally mastered my diet?  Is my metabolism finally where it’s supposed to be?  I don’t want to sound like the queen of rhetorical Bonnie Lithgoe and scream a resounding “YES!” so  I’ll just stick with a “We’ll see” for now.

I find it very difficult to be excited about a loss.  I never know if in a couple of days it will creep back on therefore I don’t really celebrate them.  So when my trainer asked me today if I was going to write about it, she knew what my answer would be.  She immediately said “You go up there and press some words out!  You’ve worked hard and you deserve this!”.  So here I am writing about a kilo loss but still not really believing that it’s happened.  I’m so used to NOT losing weight that when it happens I’m like “Oh, er, um… maybe the scales are out?  Maybe it’s a fluke?”.  So I’m just going to ride this one out for a little bit and see what my results are like at the end of the week.   Maybe I’ll believe it more on Friday when my measurements are taken again.  I’m actually looking forward to it!

Now, dodgy ankle has become dodgier so therefore I have been instructed to stay away from soccer this week.  I have been icing it everyday and wearing an ankle guard but it’s still sore.  Boo!  I’m quite upset about that.  Who’d have thought I would be upset to miss out on soccer?  Maybe we’ll win.  Maybe pigs will fly.  Maybe I’ll keep this kilo off.  Only time will tell.

I’m really diggin’ Drake right now so I’ll leave you with his song “Successful”.


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