22 Mar

Happy Monday ya’ll! “Now I’s like Britney Spears!”  Sorry had to do that.

Let’s talk weekend temptation.  You know what it’s like – you sweated it out all week at the gym,  you fuelled yourself with the most nutritious and natural foods, a glass of wine is the furthest thing from your mind, you have nothing but good intentions for yourself and you’re feeling healthier and fitter than a jumping, pumped up Richard Simmons.

Then Friday night strikes.  Your mates are heading to the pub, they’re ordering wedges, they’re offering to buy you a beer and you think, hey, I’ve worked hard this week –  a few beers and some wedges won’t hurt.  Well, maybe not in theory but a few beers often lead to a few more and ‘some’ wedges often lead to a Macca’s stop on the way home.  So, how does one get out of this rut?  I think the weekend gone by I was a step closer to solving this problem or at least steer myself a little better in the right direction.

On Friday I knew I would be heading to the RSL after work for some much loved meat raffling (two massive trays of rump later! SUP FOOLS!).  I knew the temptation of a couple of glasses of wine would be there.  So I chose extra healthy food options throughout the day, pushed myself hard at training and had a dinner of salad and grilled chicken.  I was then able to enjoy my wine without feeling too guilty.  And not a whole bottle as I was prone to in the past!

Saturday presented an even harder challenge – the quintessential Australian BBQ.  I did some research and found that Yellowglen Jewel was only 60 calories per standard drink and was 40% lower in alcohol than normal Yellowglen varieties.  So I enjoyed a few glasses of that as well as a steak with home prepared salad.  I kept my calorie intake small throughout the day so that I was able to enjoy myself in the afternoon.  I was also able to avoid a nasty hangover and take my dogs to the park the next day.

I do enjoy alcohol free weekends quite regularly however sometimes I just find it exceptionally hard to turn down a drink at the end of a long week.  This is something that I am starting to get a handle on though.  The important thing to remember is everything in moderation.  Binging is an ugly habit that might give you a high whilst you’re doing it but will only make you come crashing down when the guilt sets in.

Okay enough about that.  Let’s talk training.

I devised a little circuit for a friend and myself today that included:

1 x min skipping

1x min pushups

1 x min step ups

1 x min squats

1 x min skipping

1 x min bosu sit ups

1 x min step ups

1 x min lunges

We repeated the circuit three time and then finished off with a run 4 minutes, a sprint for 1 minute and a cool down walk for 3 minutes.

That’s an estimated 300 – 400 calories burnt in a 50 minute session.  Not bad!  We worked up quite a sweat and for 30 minutes afterwards I was still glowing an attractive blushing pink.  Stunning.

Hmmm now what shall I leave you with today? Ah yes… I have the perfect thing!


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