Motivation shmotivation

11 Mar

Got home from work yesterday feeling a bit down and was stressed that all the effort I have been putting in really didn’t seem to be getting any results.  Had a bit of a whinge on the ‘ol Facey and was surprised to see so many of my friends all piping up and letting me know the support I have from them!  What a boost!  Who knew social networking sites could provide so much love?  😉  It actually really lifted my spirits and I slept well last night thinking “I can and I WILL do this”.

As one of my good friends pointed out – it takes a long time to completely change your body.  It took me a long time to get like this, I didn’t get fat overnight, so it will take some time to reverse that damage.

Plus, this morning I hopped on my evil friend the scales and it told me I was 400g down from yesterday.  I’ll take that!  I’ll take anything at the moment!  So I have hidden them away now, will train hard and continue to eat well for the rest of the week and hopefully see an even better result in a weeks time! Also, getting my measurements properly taken on Friday so this is a much better metric to go by than the dirty old scales.

So motivation is back baby!  I’m getting all geared up for boxing in 2 hours and soccer tonight.  I am seriously going to woop ass today.  My own ass.  Yeah that’s right ass – you are going dowwwwn.

In commemoration of my ass, I present you with (I loves me some Pharrell!):

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