Sweating it out

3 Mar

I had the guilts.  I had the guilts so bad… I hadn’t trained since Friday because of this damn cold so when I met my trainer today I was packin’ it, to say the least.

Today’s session involved lots of lunges, jumping, kettle-bell swings (my god how I loathe these – make me want to vomit) and tricep dips.  Oh and this other thing I hate where you lie back, prop one foot up on the opposite knee and do pelvis raises.  God I hate that.  Kept getting a cramp in my string of ham.

I left today’s session in a cold sweat.  I felt ill and disorientated.  And phlegmy.  A little gassy.  But mostly ill.

Now I sit here after eating my tuna and bean salad, sipping on a lovely hot mug of peppermint tea contemplating life’s mysteries.  Well no, not really, I just thought that sounded good.  I’m actually thinking about sneaking off to an empty, dark meeting room and having a nap.  The emergency stair exit will suffice.

Tomorrow is my hectic day – boxing session and indoor soccer.  God I hope it will all be worth it.


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