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Still going strong!

30 Mar

Quick update as I haven’t had a chance to write over the last few days! Been busier than a bee! Bees are notoriously known for their busy nature I hear.

So I’m still going hard at it, training 6 sessions a week and eating good healthy food! Had to miss soccer last week on account of the crappy ankle so that sucked. Oh and we lost. But the margins are getting smaller so that’s something! Here’s hoping I can play this week. Ankle is feeling a lot better so fingers crossed!

I’ve managed to keep that kilo off! I’m pleasantly surprised and hoping for more pleasant surprises at the end of this week! Melt baby melt! The measurements went really well too. 2cm from around the shoulders, 1.5cm from the bust (fare thee well bountiful bossom!), 1.5cm from the waist and 2cm from around the navel. So that’s a good start! No loss from legs or arms yet but I do feel them getting stronger and more toned.

This weekend is Easter. The word is akin to ‘torture’ to my ears. So much chocolate will be consumed around me. I will be surrounded by the scent of it. But I must be strong and say no to the sweet brown devil! Wish me luck on that one. Gah.

Accepting Success is harder than you think…

24 Mar

Something incredible happened this morning.  Something so amazing and unbelievable that I actually didn’t believe it but there it was right before my eyes – 1kg lost in 3 days.  I shock my head in disbelief, I moved my scales to other areas of the house, I picked them up and tapped them (because everyone knows the key to making electronical goods work properly is to tap them) but the result remained – 1kg down.   Have all my weeks of hard training paid off?  Have I finally mastered my diet?  Is my metabolism finally where it’s supposed to be?  I don’t want to sound like the queen of rhetorical Bonnie Lithgoe and scream a resounding “YES!” so  I’ll just stick with a “We’ll see” for now.

I find it very difficult to be excited about a loss.  I never know if in a couple of days it will creep back on therefore I don’t really celebrate them.  So when my trainer asked me today if I was going to write about it, she knew what my answer would be.  She immediately said “You go up there and press some words out!  You’ve worked hard and you deserve this!”.  So here I am writing about a kilo loss but still not really believing that it’s happened.  I’m so used to NOT losing weight that when it happens I’m like “Oh, er, um… maybe the scales are out?  Maybe it’s a fluke?”.  So I’m just going to ride this one out for a little bit and see what my results are like at the end of the week.   Maybe I’ll believe it more on Friday when my measurements are taken again.  I’m actually looking forward to it!

Now, dodgy ankle has become dodgier so therefore I have been instructed to stay away from soccer this week.  I have been icing it everyday and wearing an ankle guard but it’s still sore.  Boo!  I’m quite upset about that.  Who’d have thought I would be upset to miss out on soccer?  Maybe we’ll win.  Maybe pigs will fly.  Maybe I’ll keep this kilo off.  Only time will tell.

I’m really diggin’ Drake right now so I’ll leave you with his song “Successful”.


22 Mar

Happy Monday ya’ll! “Now I’s like Britney Spears!”  Sorry had to do that.

Let’s talk weekend temptation.  You know what it’s like – you sweated it out all week at the gym,  you fuelled yourself with the most nutritious and natural foods, a glass of wine is the furthest thing from your mind, you have nothing but good intentions for yourself and you’re feeling healthier and fitter than a jumping, pumped up Richard Simmons.

Then Friday night strikes.  Your mates are heading to the pub, they’re ordering wedges, they’re offering to buy you a beer and you think, hey, I’ve worked hard this week –  a few beers and some wedges won’t hurt.  Well, maybe not in theory but a few beers often lead to a few more and ‘some’ wedges often lead to a Macca’s stop on the way home.  So, how does one get out of this rut?  I think the weekend gone by I was a step closer to solving this problem or at least steer myself a little better in the right direction.

On Friday I knew I would be heading to the RSL after work for some much loved meat raffling (two massive trays of rump later! SUP FOOLS!).  I knew the temptation of a couple of glasses of wine would be there.  So I chose extra healthy food options throughout the day, pushed myself hard at training and had a dinner of salad and grilled chicken.  I was then able to enjoy my wine without feeling too guilty.  And not a whole bottle as I was prone to in the past!

Saturday presented an even harder challenge – the quintessential Australian BBQ.  I did some research and found that Yellowglen Jewel was only 60 calories per standard drink and was 40% lower in alcohol than normal Yellowglen varieties.  So I enjoyed a few glasses of that as well as a steak with home prepared salad.  I kept my calorie intake small throughout the day so that I was able to enjoy myself in the afternoon.  I was also able to avoid a nasty hangover and take my dogs to the park the next day.

I do enjoy alcohol free weekends quite regularly however sometimes I just find it exceptionally hard to turn down a drink at the end of a long week.  This is something that I am starting to get a handle on though.  The important thing to remember is everything in moderation.  Binging is an ugly habit that might give you a high whilst you’re doing it but will only make you come crashing down when the guilt sets in.

Okay enough about that.  Let’s talk training.

I devised a little circuit for a friend and myself today that included:

1 x min skipping

1x min pushups

1 x min step ups

1 x min squats

1 x min skipping

1 x min bosu sit ups

1 x min step ups

1 x min lunges

We repeated the circuit three time and then finished off with a run 4 minutes, a sprint for 1 minute and a cool down walk for 3 minutes.

That’s an estimated 300 – 400 calories burnt in a 50 minute session.  Not bad!  We worked up quite a sweat and for 30 minutes afterwards I was still glowing an attractive blushing pink.  Stunning.

Hmmm now what shall I leave you with today? Ah yes… I have the perfect thing!

Ass over tit…

19 Mar

…is a place I went to last night and don’t ever want to go again.

I can’t even recall what I was doing at the time of this incident but what I do know is one minute I was upright and minding my own business and the next I was tumbling on the floor.  I imagine I looked something like a tumbleweed.  But less hay like.  Okay so imagine a tumbleweed as a person.  Yeah there you go.  That was me.

My ankles are swollen today.  How sad.  So I think ankle guards will be the answer.  I HOPE.  Or otherwise I fear my long and illustrious career in indoor soccer will be over.  (pfft!)

Soldiered on and met my trainer this morning.  I haven’t had much sleep (I think I’m so amped up from the game that when I finally hit the sack, my body is exhausted but my mind is still racing) so I was whingey and lippy like a 13 year old girl.  The ankle was a bit troublesome but we worked around it.

Now it is Friday afternoon.  I feel pretty flat.  I wish I drank coffee.  Zzzzzzzz… oh sorry I just started to doze off for a second there.

Right.  Well.  Yeah that’s about it really.  I got nothing.

Speaking of ass over tit – here – take one of these and have a Happy Friday Afternoon fools!

Sweat, tears and gagging

17 Mar

That just about sums up today’s training session!  I don’t even particularly recall what went on… it all went by in a sweaty blur.  I do know that it involved running (and LOTS of it), squats, shoulders, dips, skipping, lunges and planks.  Oh and then MORE running.  I was teary, sweaty, beetroot red and dry retched continually.

But you know what?  Sit down because this is going to be a huge shock.  I… okay I can’t believe I’m going to say this, just let me get my composure…  I… actually feel really great right now.  Wow.  That was a huge thing to get off my chest.  Usually after a big session I feel woozy, light headed and nauseous for a while after it!  Woo hoo!  This must mean I’m fitter.  Yes?  That’s how I’m going to take it.  :-p

I’ve been plodding along quite nicely over the last couple of days.  Monday consisted of a strength session in the gym and then a 80 minute brisk walk after work.  Tuesday was a half cardio / half strength session in the gym and then a 65 minute brisk walk after work.  Tomorrow is boxing and then soccer and Friday is PT again!  My motivation is well and truly back on track.

My trainer took my measurements last Friday so I am super excited to see the results from that in a week or so.  Oh and she made me a scrumdiddleeumcious  chicken salad for lunch, god bless her cotton socks!  See here:

So in conclusion – I’m feeling good, feeling great – feeling great, feeling good, how are you?

Stop! Before you reach for that SumoSalad read this…

16 Mar

We’ve all been there before – we think we are making the healthier choice because we have opted for a salad or a wrap but little do we know of the hidden nasties within.  I was shocked to find that some of SumoSalad’s salads or wraps have more calories and fat than a big mac!

Take a peak for yourself:

So next time you go to SumoSalad I would recommend the Spicy BBQ Prawn salad.  Not only is it delicious – the regular serving has only 208 calories and 9.2g of fat.  Ask for half the dressing and it’s looking even better.  😉

I love it when you flex like that…

12 Mar

…slow, fast, up, down… bring it back!

I’m starting to notice a difference in my muscles, particularly in my guns.  I’ve got two tickets to the gun show people! Step right up!  And I was complimented on my shoulders today.  An odd place to be complemented on but I’ll take it.  It’s nice to hear people are noticing a difference in me – I think I will ride on the tails of that for a while.  🙂

Boxing was tough yesterday.  Not only did we have to box non-stop we also included lots of push ups and burpees.  God how I loathe them.  Practically everyone in the class sweated their asses off.  I wish I could literally sweat my ass off.  Man I wish that was possible (or what about something like ‘Ass Off’?  You know like the movie ‘Face Off’ but asses instead of faces.  I’ll have Jennifer Anistons please!). We could have created a swimming pool with our sweat combined.  *VOMIT*  I especially hate it when the guys get sweaty and I’m watching them do push ups and their sweat is dripping on to the floor.  Oh, oh, and what about when you have to team up with one of them and their sweat is flying towards you whilst their punching the mits? Have you ever had that??  Oh goo!  Sweat is disgusting.  Anyhoo, I digress – it was tough and I was exhausted after it.

But I still had soccer to go!  Soccer is the only place where you pay $10 to get your ass kicked.  Seriously.  We suck.  We lost to apparently the comps worst team.  Well I guess we all know who the worst team is now.  Yep.  That’s right.  It’s us.  These girls uniforms were pink god damn it!  And they all had a full face of makeup on.  Some of them squealed when the ball came towards them.  It was disgraceful.  They had been playing for a year though so that’s a year more than us.  So we lost.  8 – 3.  At the end of the game we collectively decided that we needed training and we needed it now. So hopefully I can report a win soon.  Maybe.

This morning I got up before the sun (you have no idea how unreasonably angry that makes me – I’m getting angry just thinking about it now) and met my trainer.  We did A LOT  of lunges, dips, resistance training, burpees (have I mentioned that I loathe them?!) and step ups.  I think I’m getting better at them though – today I did not vomit a little bit in my mouth ONCE.  😉  I did break a bit of a cold sweat though when I had to do shoulder work.  Damn you to hell weak shoulders. I’ll show YOU who is boss!

Weekend lies ahead of me and temptation comes into play again.  Tapas tonight.  I WILL NOT OVEREAT.  I WILL NOT HAVE MORE THAN 2 GLASSES OF SANGRIA.  I have to keep replaying this in my mind.  It’s like the soundtrack to my life on skip.  Blah.

So I’ll cap it off for today where I started – I love it when you flex like that!  Merry Weekend everyone!

Motivation shmotivation

11 Mar

Got home from work yesterday feeling a bit down and was stressed that all the effort I have been putting in really didn’t seem to be getting any results.  Had a bit of a whinge on the ‘ol Facey and was surprised to see so many of my friends all piping up and letting me know the support I have from them!  What a boost!  Who knew social networking sites could provide so much love?  😉  It actually really lifted my spirits and I slept well last night thinking “I can and I WILL do this”.

As one of my good friends pointed out – it takes a long time to completely change your body.  It took me a long time to get like this, I didn’t get fat overnight, so it will take some time to reverse that damage.

Plus, this morning I hopped on my evil friend the scales and it told me I was 400g down from yesterday.  I’ll take that!  I’ll take anything at the moment!  So I have hidden them away now, will train hard and continue to eat well for the rest of the week and hopefully see an even better result in a weeks time! Also, getting my measurements properly taken on Friday so this is a much better metric to go by than the dirty old scales.

So motivation is back baby!  I’m getting all geared up for boxing in 2 hours and soccer tonight.  I am seriously going to woop ass today.  My own ass.  Yeah that’s right ass – you are going dowwwwn.

In commemoration of my ass, I present you with (I loves me some Pharrell!):

It’s all about the core

10 Mar

Today’s training session was all about… you guessed it, the core.

It was refreshing to find no crunches and no planks.  Instead we did exercises I had never seen or heard of before!  That’s something I really quite enjoy.  Of course we focused on my dodgy pelvis as well – lots of tucking and curling it under and lots of drawing the belly button to the spine.  It was a sweat free session but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t tough! You see I have the kind of spine that pushes the butt righhht out.  I’m trying to train it to bring the butt back in to where it is supposed to be.  I’m also sure the butt will look much better (and smaller) once in it’s appropriate position.

I hopped on the scales this morning.  Evil little bastard told me I had lost nothing (NOTHINGGG!!) in 2 weeks.  And I have been going pretty hardcore.  I am frustrated and getting to the end of my tether… I don’t know what else I need to do.  I guess I just have to give it more time.  A friend asked me today if it angers me as much as it does her that she sees skinny people stuffing their faces with whatever they want all day.  I replied that everyday I feel that way.  Oh well, at least they are fat on the inside.  Suckers.  Who’ll have the last laugh when they need to go on cholesterol tablets?!  Me!  That’s who!

It’s pretty hard to maintain motivation when you aren’t seeing results.  But I must press on.  There is no point getting all Skee Lo about it all… You know, “I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller”… Except mine would go “I wish I was a little bit thinner, I wish I had a pasta dinner”.

And on that note:

It seems white women can’t jump either

9 Mar

…or maybe it’s just me.

Today’s group PT session involved slow jogs, fast sprints, jumping on the curb and loads of ab exercises.

I’m not one for jumping.  I am very unsteady on my feet.  I can’t seem to make myself jump with both feet and then land on both feet.  A cat, I am not.

But I feel much better knowing my exercise is out of the way for today.  On to more exciting things!  Like copying text into html format… a painstakingly slow process that unfortunately I brought upon myself.  “Hey, I’ll do it!” I volunteered.  What a chump.

Last night it was a friend’s birthday so we all went out for… Mexican.  Fan-fucking-tastic.   So I shared a nachos and garden salad with a friend.  That’s a healthier option yes?  Because let’s face it, I could have ate a nice big burrito all to myself.  Then cried myself to sleep.

Breakfast today was the usual porridge with banana and I had a tuna and garden salad for lunch with a slice of multigrain bread.  I have some low fat greek yoghurt with dried berries and nuts for afternoon tea and dinner will be lemon, herb and garlic grilled chicken breast and veggies.  I’m pretty happy with that!

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The following has nothing to do with anything – I just love it is all.

Edited to add:

Finally.  An image that captured my feelings right now.