Bend it like Steady Eddy

26 Feb

Last night was my first ever indoor soccer game.  Or is it a match?  I don’t really know but I do know that I enjoyed it IMMENSELY.  There’s something about playing team sports that gets me really riled up.  I remember back in the day playing touch football and getting kind of violent at times but that’s another story.

So it all started out well enough – I was on the field / court (whatever it is) and I was having a go, kicking the ball to my team mates, trying unsuccessfully to steal the ball from my opponents, helping block our goal… things were going quite well!  We were losing 4 – 1 by the end of the first half and I was feeling quite pooped.

Then my mate Nadia says to me that I should have a go on goals.  Well she didn’t just suggest the idea, she practically begged me.  I was reluctant but thought, meh, I have to give it a go at some point so why not now?  So I slip on my lovely goal keeper gloves and off I go.

Bad idea… I probably let about 5 goals in… but I did block about 3 or 4!  I got winded twice – one ball straight to the chest (see ya later left breast) and one ball straight to the guts.  Oh man… it was tough work.

We were lucky to have some really great players on our team because there were 2 of us who had never played before!  I reckon we did alright… final score was 6 – 9 their way.  I can’t wait til next week because, let’s face it, things can only look up from here! I was absolutely knackered last night… but I was so pumped up from the game that it took some time to drift off.

This morning I had an early morning PT session (I’m still fricken sore from the session on Wednesday – thanks NAT).  It was really great – we did a lot of work on stabilising my hips.  My hips are going to be so aligned soon.  It’s going to be incredible.  I heard aligned hips were so in right now.  So hot.

Sipping on ginger and lemongrass tea and contemplating my tasks for the day…  I’m ready for the weekend!


2 Responses to “Bend it like Steady Eddy”

  1. Chanel February 26, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    Ginger & lemongrass are awesome!

  2. amweekes February 26, 2010 at 2:40 pm #

    I didn’t mind it! Nice combination. Have you tried ground cinnamon in your tea yet??

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