My hip flexorssss! Owww!

24 Feb

I started training with a new trainer today.  Very exciting stuff!  I will be seeing her twice a week.  She’s a friend of mine from school so it’s been cool re-acquainting!

But oh my god.  The pain.  She had a good look at my body and worked out my trouble areas.  She knew straight off the bat by looking at me that I had trouble with my pelvis (tilted) and back (sway).  So she got me to do 4 or 5 different types of exercises, 3 0r 4 times each.  These mainly focused on my hip flexors and my transversus abdominis.

Sweet mary mother of god – I was in pain.  These were areas that I had never worked before which is why they are often so tight and sore (from basically sitting at a desk all day).  I was sweating, teary and almost vomited on 3 separate occasions.  Once a little in my mouth.  It was not pretty.

I explained to her that I had never felt this way before!  She ensured me not to worry, that these are areas I have long neglected and it’s normal to feel this way… I felt helpless and weak.  Not my usual strong, fighting-fit self I feel in my boxing class!

She bought me a little present to our first session – a bag of ground cinnamon.  Now, cinnamon is not a favourite of mine so when she told me to steep it in hot water or tea I was quite reluctant.  But I am a good little trainee so I added a teaspoon to a cup of hot water and… BARF. Barf and vomit.  It was absolutely fricken awful… Not impressed at ALL.  So, I made a cup of tea with milk and a little sugar and added the cinnamon and it was not unpleasant but not great either.  The end was the worse with all the little grainy bits… gah.

I’m looking forward to our next session on Friday!  But I’m not looking forward to the pain…

AND OMFG I’m starting soccer tomorrow night!  Argh!  Never played before so this is going to be VERY interesting.

To keep my mind of the pain in my hips and the fear I have of the soccer, a little rock chick indulgence.  Enjoy.

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