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Bend it like Steady Eddy

26 Feb

Last night was my first ever indoor soccer game.  Or is it a match?  I don’t really know but I do know that I enjoyed it IMMENSELY.  There’s something about playing team sports that gets me really riled up.  I remember back in the day playing touch football and getting kind of violent at times but that’s another story.

So it all started out well enough – I was on the field / court (whatever it is) and I was having a go, kicking the ball to my team mates, trying unsuccessfully to steal the ball from my opponents, helping block our goal… things were going quite well!  We were losing 4 – 1 by the end of the first half and I was feeling quite pooped.

Then my mate Nadia says to me that I should have a go on goals.  Well she didn’t just suggest the idea, she practically begged me.  I was reluctant but thought, meh, I have to give it a go at some point so why not now?  So I slip on my lovely goal keeper gloves and off I go.

Bad idea… I probably let about 5 goals in… but I did block about 3 or 4!  I got winded twice – one ball straight to the chest (see ya later left breast) and one ball straight to the guts.  Oh man… it was tough work.

We were lucky to have some really great players on our team because there were 2 of us who had never played before!  I reckon we did alright… final score was 6 – 9 their way.  I can’t wait til next week because, let’s face it, things can only look up from here! I was absolutely knackered last night… but I was so pumped up from the game that it took some time to drift off.

This morning I had an early morning PT session (I’m still fricken sore from the session on Wednesday – thanks NAT).  It was really great – we did a lot of work on stabilising my hips.  My hips are going to be so aligned soon.  It’s going to be incredible.  I heard aligned hips were so in right now.  So hot.

Sipping on ginger and lemongrass tea and contemplating my tasks for the day…  I’m ready for the weekend!

Pursuit of Happiness

25 Feb

Probably my favourite song right now and fits in so well with the theme of my blog!  I’m such a blogger now.  I’m pretty awesome like that.


25 Feb

Wow… how about the pain in my thighs and ass right now?  How about that indeed.  It’s actually quite a pleasant feeling.  Well, almost.  It’s like I can feel them shrinking as I type.  Smaller, smaller… yes that’s right.  You will do as your told!

I love a good burn.  Especially in the areas where I need it most.  Soccer is going to be interesting tonight.  I fear I will be waddling around the field like a penguin, trying desperately to extend my legs into a ball kicking action and then doing that thing where you try to kick the ball and end up on your ass.  I love seeing that shit on Australia’s Funniest Videos.  Crap, I hope no one is filming tonight…

I also fear I’ll break both shins… Let’s face it.  I’m not the best on my feet but I’ve been told that my soccer skills are actually not that bad.  Yeah, we’ll see about that!

Well, boxing starts in about 2 hours… I’m going to be an exhausted little bunny this evening!  Then up early for round 2 with new trainer.  She said I won’t start hating her til much further down the track but I have a feeling hatred might appear much sooner… No I joke, I joke, don’t hurt me, please… (she’s reading this, I assure you…).

My hip flexorssss! Owww!

24 Feb

I started training with a new trainer today.  Very exciting stuff!  I will be seeing her twice a week.  She’s a friend of mine from school so it’s been cool re-acquainting!

But oh my god.  The pain.  She had a good look at my body and worked out my trouble areas.  She knew straight off the bat by looking at me that I had trouble with my pelvis (tilted) and back (sway).  So she got me to do 4 or 5 different types of exercises, 3 0r 4 times each.  These mainly focused on my hip flexors and my transversus abdominis.

Sweet mary mother of god – I was in pain.  These were areas that I had never worked before which is why they are often so tight and sore (from basically sitting at a desk all day).  I was sweating, teary and almost vomited on 3 separate occasions.  Once a little in my mouth.  It was not pretty.

I explained to her that I had never felt this way before!  She ensured me not to worry, that these are areas I have long neglected and it’s normal to feel this way… I felt helpless and weak.  Not my usual strong, fighting-fit self I feel in my boxing class!

She bought me a little present to our first session – a bag of ground cinnamon.  Now, cinnamon is not a favourite of mine so when she told me to steep it in hot water or tea I was quite reluctant.  But I am a good little trainee so I added a teaspoon to a cup of hot water and… BARF. Barf and vomit.  It was absolutely fricken awful… Not impressed at ALL.  So, I made a cup of tea with milk and a little sugar and added the cinnamon and it was not unpleasant but not great either.  The end was the worse with all the little grainy bits… gah.

I’m looking forward to our next session on Friday!  But I’m not looking forward to the pain…

AND OMFG I’m starting soccer tomorrow night!  Argh!  Never played before so this is going to be VERY interesting.

To keep my mind of the pain in my hips and the fear I have of the soccer, a little rock chick indulgence.  Enjoy.

Scales be gone!

23 Feb

I’ve asked my hubby to hide my scales. I’m beginning to see that it’s not necessary to weigh myself twice a day and that it’s become a compulsive habit. I’ve also stopped recording every bit of food that enters my mouth. I’m making healthy choices instead.

I think that weight loss has a lot to do with your mentality. If you’re constantly thinking about losing weight then it could have the opposite effect mentally. I’m trying to live free and easy for a while – train hard, eat well and stop thinking. I’m a blonde so that shouldn’t be too hard for me! 😉 I’m hoping this new method will trick my body into letting the lard go. Let it go my friend, let it go.

I’m having a train-free day today. Muscles are aching from yesterday! And I’ve got a killer PT session tomorrow with my new trainer. Woke up late, cooked myself poached eggs and now catching up with an old friend – foxtel IQ.


So here goes EVERYTHING!

22 Feb

So if you have read my About page you’ll know that I’m on a quest to lose weight!

This isn’t something new for me – I’ve been at it for some time with varying levels of success but I have gotten serious this year.  Damn serious.  I am determined to get this lard off my body and away for good!

I feel alien in my skin.  I wake up in the morning hoping it was all just a bad dream but alas, the fat remains and another day of exercising and eating right lies ahead.  Borrrrring.  But oh well – if I keep at it, I will eventually see results!  Right?!  Right???!!

Today I had my pump class at lunch time.  I increased my weights… my muscles screamed at me.  I mostly tried to tell them to shut up and bear with it.  Muscles are pretty loud-mouthed like that.  It’s currently 3pm and my shoulders are in a world of hurt.  Probably trying to get me back for the pain I inflicted on them… lousy buggers.

Food wise – I stuck to my oats and banana for breakfast, grapes for morning tea, tuna bean salad for lunch and greek yoghurt and nuts for afternoon tea (soon to be entering my mouth).   For dinner I’ll just grab some sushi as I will be on my way to FAITH NO MORE.  Oh, wait a minute, did I just scream that?  I must be awfully EXCITED.  YES SIREE BOB, I am totally going to see the rock gods Faith No More tonight.  This may mean I will consume a couple of beers but hey, I’ll work them off tonight.  🙂